Welcome to Becky Owens Bullard Consulting!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to welcome you to my new consulting webpage and say how excited I am to kick-off this new phase in my work on gender-based violence and human trafficking.  I have enjoyed being a direct service provider and advocate for victims/survivors for 8 years and in the past 5 years, the experience I’ve gained as a trainer and educator has inspired me to concentrate on this part of my work with more emphasis.

I recently made the move from Washington D.C. to Denver, CO and couldn’t be more excited about living and working in Colorado and the Midwest and Western regions (though, I will travel anywhere!).  While our 2 years in D.C. was a great experience for my husband and I, we are thrilled to relocate to the mountains and call Colorado home.

I hope you enjoy the website and please contact me with any questions you might have about trainings or consultations.

~Becky Owens Bullard

Published by Becky Owens Bullard

Becky Owens Bullard is an advocate and educator on issues of gender-based violence. Becky has worked with victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking as a national trainer and direct service provider. She has authored a number of educational tools, including the Human Trafficking Power & Control Wheel, and she received the award for Outstanding Advocate of the Year in 2009 from the Nashville Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Becky currently lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two dogs.


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