Becky Owens Bullard Consulting provides expert consultation and training on a variety of topics surrounding domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, victim advocacy, and collaboration.

Ms. Bullard is an experienced advocate and educator and has held diverse positions within the human trafficking and domestic and sexual violence fields as a direct service provider; a trainer and educator to international, national and local audiences; and as a leader building collaborative, victim-centered responses to these issues.  Ms. Bullard has trained thousands of individuals on the dynamics of crime, the importance of trauma-informed services, and the impact of powerful collaborative responses to these issues. Ms. Bullard is also a consultant for the Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime (OVC).

Ms. Bullard has authored a number of nationally-disseminated assessment tools, response protocols, issue briefs and educational presentations, including the Human Trafficking Power & Control Wheel. Ms. Bullard’s article, “Intimate Partner and Intrafamilial Exploitation: How the Intersections of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Can Profoundly Affect Our Work,” was published in The Voice in 2011, a publication of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.Ms. Bullard is also the founder and editor of the Voices Against Violence Project, a forum for advocates to voice opinions and raise awareness on issues of abuse.

For more information on Ms. Bullard’s experience, please visit her LinkedIn public profile.

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