cropped-saipan-trip-567.jpgThe testimonials below provide feedback on Becky Owens Bullard Consulting.  Testimonials are from training attendees as well as training coordinators who have worked with Ms. Bullard.

“Very informative. Good to see breakdown of different trafficking. Thank you Becky!” – NM Advocacy in Action conference attendee

“Excellent speaker, smart, informative, good presentation.” – COVA conference attendee

“Very engaging and informative, confident about the topic.” – COVA conference attendee

“The speaker was very knowledgeable.” COVA conference attendee

“The class was fantastic.” – COVA conference attendee

“Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and for helping me to gain insight as to what to be aware of re: human trafficking.” – NSAC conference attendee

“Did a great job – will make me take a harder look at the women and children I serve.” – NSAC conference attendee

“Excellent explanation of the intersection of DV and human trafficking.” – NCADV conference attendee

“Excellent! So helpful! Will be using some info in an upcoming training.” – NSAC conference attendee

“Excellent presenter.” – NSAC conference attendee

“Awesome! So Informative! Thank you!” – NSAC conference attendee

“Taught me to look more closely at DV than I have. Thank you for opening my eyes!” – NSAC conference attendee

“Excellent briefing. The Air Force yearly training on trafficking needs to expand to what was taught in this workshop, i.e. husband making wife or daughter be a prostitute.” – NSAC conference attendee

“Great information – thank you! We will be using what we learned to help victims of trafficking and providing training to advocates in our state. Great trainer!!!” – NSAC conference attendee

See Becky’s LinkedIn profile for further recommendations!

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Ms. Owens Bullard was one of the featured trainers at our statewide Human Trafficking Summit in Orlando in 2011. Her expertise, training style and collaboration with the other presenters really helped us better understand the issues surrounding human trafficking. I would definitely recommend her as she has expertise and style that appeals to sexual violence victim advocates.

  2. Becky was the featured trainer for a Southeastern Florida Regional Webinar presented in cooperation with the Broward Human Trafficking Colaition while she was onboard with the Polaris Project. Becky negotiated through a very complex issue with ease. She was professional, technically competent and was able to convey complex information to a regional audience within a short timeframe; and via a medium requiring telephonic and computer technological skill. We were very pleased with the outcomes and her professional demeanor. Our Coalition would not hesitate to recommend Ms Bullard for any training sessions! She is very well versed, fielded questions professionally, and was the epitome of an educated and informed professional on the subject of human trafficking. Adriane Reesey, President Broward Human Trafficking Coalition.


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